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Save 6%-9% on Fuel Costs with Orion 5000-EL!

Real Problems.

Fleets all around the country experience real problems with diesel particulate filters, fuel injector failures, fuel pumps, and reduced engine performance due to poor fuel quality.

Using Orion 5000-EL can reduce or eliminate all of these problems, while providing increased fuel lubrication to improve fleet MPGs and increase your company's profitability.

Real Solutions.

Orion 5000-EL, a synthetic lubricant made with a combination of synthetic esters, cleans and lubricates engine components to allow your engines to run more efficiently and effectively.

The cleaning and lubricating esters keep your engine components clean and lubricated and reduce the particulate matter flowing to your DPFs, reducing maintenance and downtime.  

Real Results.

Orion 5000-EL has been proven in both real world settings and in ASTM lab testing environments to reduce friction, heat and wear and increase internal combustion engine life.

By increasing fuel injector performance, DPF cleaning intervals and increasing fuel efficiency, Orion 5000-EL has become an integral part of fleet operation and maintenance programs. 

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