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Orion 5000-EL is a synthetic ester based lubricant that cleans and lubricates engine components to lower operating costs, reduce downtime, and increase fuel efficiency in diesel and gasoline powered engines. Our technology has been developed from a proven, patented process combining multiple synthetic ingredients used in jet engine lubrication to create a superior fuel and engine lubricant that is safe, biodegradable, and tolerant of extreme operating environments.

Our Vision.


Orion Industrial, LLC is committed to using new synthetic lubricating technology to assist on-road fleets, off-road fleets, marine applications, agricultural applications, generators, or any operation that uses internal combustion engines to make their equipment run effectively and efficiently.  


Synthetic lubricants can reduce or eliminate many problems fleets face today, whether its fuel injector issues, diesel particulate filter (DPF) problems, or to simply reduce associated downtime.  Ultimately, by including Orion 5000-EL as part of your preventative maintenance program, your company will decrease maintenance costs and increase your profitability!

Company Profile.


Orion Industrial, LLC is based in Lansing, Michigan and was founded by trucking company executives who understand the challenges a fleet faces with new and old problems alike.  Not afraid to embrace new technologies, Orion Industrial created Orion 5000-EL and tested it in both laboratory and real world environments to prove how effective it can be to improve a fleet's operation, and ultimately, its profitablity.

Orion Industrial is committed to bring new solutions to the fleet world.  Contact us today to learn more!

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