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Real Science.


Based on a patented process, Orion 5000-EL is a unique product fueled by technology.  Orion 5000-EL was developed by combining a group of high-weight synthetic esters together with low-weight synthetic esters to provide internal combustion engines with both lubricating and cleansing power.  Without using any solvents or catalysts, Orion 5000-EL gently removes carbon from engine surfaces.  Then, the lubricating esters lubricate surfaces to keep future carbon from adhering.  By doing so, fuel can burn more completely during combustion allowing the engine to perform more efficiently and effectively.  Using Orion 5000-EL has been shown to reduce soot and particulate matter, keeping engine oil clean and diesel particulate filters free from ash and ash buildup. 


Orion 5000-EL is bio-degradable, non-toxic, and safe to handle.  

Real Easy.

Orion 5000-EL is so unique that it can be used in both diesel and unleaded fuels, as well as being added to engine oils to increase lubrication.  Lab tests show the effectiveness of Orion 5000-EL, and our customers have felt the positive effects in the field.  


Best of all, it is very easy to use:

Fuel Dosage Instructions:  

     Add 1 ounce of Orion 5000-EL to every 10 gallons of fuel.

Oil Dosage Instructions:  

     Add 1 ounce of Orion 5000-EL to every quart of engine oil.

Customers have also witnessed the benefits of using Orion 5000-EL in hydraulic oils, adding lubrication while decreasing operating temperatures.  Treatment rates for hydraulic oils are the same as engine oils.

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