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Real Solutions.

Improve Engine Performance.

Orion 5000-EL's synthetic ester blends gently remove carbon buildup on engine surfaces allowing fuel to combust more completely, reducing particulate matter and dangerous emissions.  Then, Orion 5000-EL lubricates the metal surfaces, reducing wear and increasing engine life to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Increase Fuel Efficiency.

The impacts of using Orion 5000-EL are wide ranging.  Because Orion 5000-EL cleans and lubricates, your engine will run optimally reducing fuel usage and fuel costs.  Most customers see a 6% - 9% reduction in fuel usage when using Orion 5000-EL as compared to its prior baseline calculations.  

Reduce Fuel Injector Failures.

Orion 5000-EL lubricates ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel to keep fuel injectors operating at peak performance, thus reducing costly repairs and downtime.  The gentle cleaning esters keep carbon from forming, and the lubricating esters create a lubricating barrier to allow the fuel injectors to function optimally and with a greater life span.   

Automatically Treat Fuel.

Orion Industrial LLC, manufacturers of Orion 5000-EL, has partnered with EZ Add to provide automated dispensing systems calibrated to dispense Orion 5000-EL directly into bulk tanks or individual pieces of equipment. No hassles, no worries about operators treating equipment, or manually treating bulk tanks.  EZ Add provides a complete solution!

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